Join Our Team

There are currently a variety of ways to join our team...

(1) We do not have any current open positions available for paid employment.  However, when there are opportunities you will see an arrow in the main toolbar (next to Join Our Team).

(2) Beyond Words is excited to offer a University-Affiliated Internship site for music therapy students in the final stage of obtaining clinical hours, prior to sitting for the national board examination.  Click on this page for more information.

(3) Are you a music therapy student who is hungry to learn and its not quite time for your 6-month internship? Our Field Study Program is designed to help you get your “foot in the door”, beef up your resume, and develop some strong clinical, professional, and musical skills to increase your marketability once you are out on the job market. Click on this page for more information.

(4) Are you an upper class high school student, college student, or new professional that is wondering if music therapy is the field for you? Beyond Words offers a unique Job Shadow Program to gain a comprehensive inside view into the field of music therapy. Click on this page for more information.

(5) We offer observations at our North Royalton studio for upper class high school students, college students, or new professionals that is wondering if this is a field for you and if you have a classroom, observation assignment. Click on this page for more information.