To place your order, call us at 440-230-6100 x700 or complete our online order form.

All items are available to be shipped or for pickup at our North Royalton studio.

This fundraiser will close on June 15th, unless we sell out of the items before. Quantities and sizes limited.

Rhinestone Music Necklace - $10

10 available

Heartbeat Music Necklace - $10

15 available

Rose Gold Music Necklace - $10

10 available

Adult Music T-Shirt - $25

9 Small - 11 Medium - 20 Large

2 XLarge - 1 XXLarge available

Beyond Words is raising money for the expansion of our virtual programs.

COVID-19 has been a huge pivoting point for Beyond Words, like so many other small businesses. Within two weeks of closing our studio doors, we rebuilt our programs into virtual mediums and are still constantly adapting to the ever-changing needs of our students. We are now getting ready for our summer programming and know that there is a need for in-person lessons to continue. However, for the safety of our students with compromised immune systems, our virtual programs will also need to continue and grow! While our current programs are a great start, development of additional virtual options take time and money - both which are limited at this time.

If you believe in what we are doing and have the means to give back - it would mean a lot to the employees and families. Even if it is $1. Seriously, every little bit helps a small business like ours survive. Thank you in advance for your support!