Thank you to everyone who participated in our Spring Gear Fundraiser!

We can't wait to see everyone rocking their new Beyond Words shirts. Orders will be available for pickup at our North Royalton studio as early as Wednesday, May 26th! Miss Avery will be in the studio Monday-Friday from 3-6:30p, but if you need to come at a different time, let us know!

This fundraiser raised $221.25 to improve our Sensory Room at the North Royalton studio. Thank you for your continued support!

Our Sensory Room is unique to music therapy private practices, but incredibly beneficial to our students to meet their sensory needs. Today, we have a lighted tent, foam loungers, a bubble tube, swivel/shade children's chair, bean bag chair and other handheld sensory items available. Our next phase will include a "starry night" in the ceiling and LED wall displays and storage for more handheld sensory options.