The Learning Groove Parent & Child Classes

Class OverviewTLG_logo

  • Ages: 0-5 year old + parent/caregiver
    • Children under 11 months old are free ($15 materials fee will apply if only child enrolled)
  • Locations
    • North Royalton: Beyond Words, 6048 Royalton Road
    • Medina: 750 E. Washington Street, Suite B4
  • 10-week Sessions
    • Summer 2019 – “Yummy Yellow”: June 10-August 16, 2019
    • Fall 2019 – TBA in July 2019
    • Winter 2020 – TBA in October 2019
    • Tuition
      • $150 for 1 child
      • $250 for 2 children (enrolled in same class)
      • $345 for 3 children (enrolled in same class)

Beyond Words’ mission is to empower children to reach their full musical, academic and creative potential. The Learning Groove is created by the author (Eric Litwin) and music producer (Michael Levine) of the first four New York Times Bestselling Pete The Cat picture books.

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Please complete the following registration form and mail with a check for tuition (+registration fee) to: Beyond Words, 6058 Royalton Road, North Royalton, OH 44133.  If you choose to pay with a credit card, please add in the comments and we will email you with a link to pay.  For new students, there is a $25/student annual registration fee ($40 family max).  Registration is also approval of our Policies and Procedures.

Your Child Will Learn & Increase:

  • Rhythm, Pitch and Melody
  • Language Skills
  • Motor Coordination
  • Interpersonal/Social Skills
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Creative Expression
  • Academic Readiness

How Do TLG Parent & Child Music Classes Work?

  • The Learning Groove classes are given once a week, for 10 weeks per session.  Each class is 45 minutes.
  • The class is led by a Board Certified Music Therapist, who has completed TLG’s online teacher training.
  • In every class you will sing, dance, play instruments, laugh, listen, jam along, march, chant, clap, wiggle, make stuff up, pretend, use rich language and explore and expand your child’s amazing potential through the arts.
  • There are currently six different sessions, each with its own CD, that are part of TLG’s Parent & Child Music Class Program. Taking all six sessions enables your child’s skills to develop & grow over time.

The Music!

You receive an exciting music CD with every session. These are the songs you use in class. The music is from different genres from classical to rock and roll. We also include interactive poetry, drama and storytelling. Each unique CD contains over 20 styles of music, and each includes a customized selection of instruments, key signatures, tempos, melodic & rhythmic patterns, languages and activities.

In class, you learn the simple music enrichment activities that accompany the songs. Then, you listen to the CD at home to reinforce what you have learned. The songs on these CDs utilized repetitively in class and at home will greatly benefit your child’s musical growth as well as their overall academic potential.

Now, here’s the deal. These CDs are NOT Barney (bad eighties) types of tunes. The music is authentic and fun for the whole family. Parents, we love you too, so the music is written and produced at a quality level not just to delight and educate the kids but also to please the adult listener. You will thank us for this later when your child forces you to play these CDs over and over again in the car and at home.

Why The Learning Groove Stands Out From Other Programs:

We are teachers and performers and producers. Most other programs are created by teacher and professor types. We love them and appreciate what they do. However, we bring something special to the table because in addition to being experienced teachers in early music education, we are also award winning performers and producers Therefore the music is well written, well produced and presented in an entertaining, fun & hip style. Again, this is completely intentional. The more you and your child love the CDs the more you will listen to them and therefore learn and reinforce the goals and objectives of the program.

The Learning Groove is a holistic music enrichment approach. We are interested in the whole child, and we see music as the instrument (pun intended) to promote development in music aptitude, pitch, melody and rhythm, as well as language, imagination, motor skills, cultural awareness and creative expression. We know you are taking this program so that your child will have more musical choices in their life as well as to stimulate their academic possibilities and overall happiness.

Free Online Resources:

The Learning Groove offers tons of free resources for you & your children. At, visit our Lyrics & Activities pages, and you will find lyrics, videos, coloring pages, educational activities for use in the home, sheet music, guitar chords and more – for every song! We offer a plethora of ideas for how you can use TLG songs & stories to enhance your child’s education as well as to promote family bonding.

What Should I Expect From My Kids?

Learning is supposed to be fun and joyful, right? This is not just us saying it. Scientific research has proven over and over again that learning is best achieved in a loving, stimulating, safe, engaging and fun environment. In fact, Dr. Suzuki, the renowned musicologist (best know for his miraculous accomplishments with violin students) has at the cornerstone of his philosophy that learning music should be approached naturally and lovingly like how a child learns their native language.

This means that in class your child may or may not participate. And that is OK. Remember they are very new to the world and they may choose, quite wisely, to watch and wait. Or, they may explore the room. Or, they may sing and dance to their heart’s delight. Whatever they do, it is absolutely FABULOUS!

What Is Expected Of Me?

This means to leave your expectations at the door and try not to pressure your kids to participate in class. The most important thing at this young age is the immersion and exposure to high quality music. The more they see their favorite role models (their parents and caregivers) singing, dancing and having fun, the more they pay attention and literally develop more brain synapses related to music aptitude and overall development.

In addition, the joy they experience with music will influence their future interest. This paired with your loving support and encouragement is the core of early music learning. So don’t worry, be happy! Sing & dance with enthusiasm, and your child will benefit greatly!

When Should We Start The Program?

The earlier you begin your child’s music education the better. Scientific research has proven that music education should begin at birth, and the sooner you begin your child’s music enrichment the greater their music potential.

This music enrichment program is designed to help you do this! This is our mission, to empower you to provide a musically rich and nurturing environment at the earliest age possible, and to continue it throughout their childhood.

How Long Should We Stay?

We hope you love the classes and CDs and make The Learning Groove a healthy part of your child’s education. The skills developed in one session facilitate even more learning in future sessions. So we provide you the opportunity to stay with us for two or more years, so your child may enjoy extraordinary growth. The more sessions you take the more your child benefits.

By providing six sessions with six different CDs, this program continues to stimulate your child’s (and your) interest in music, offering new challenges as well as more of their favorite songs and characters. Also, each CD introduces new instruments and new genres of music.

Did You Say Empower ME?
(I only sing in the shower and badly at that!)

Yes, we did. OK, we have something to tell you. Somebody has to tell you so it might as well be us. You may want to sit down. Here is goes, ultimately, you are your child’s primary music teacher. Don’t panic, this class is designed to teach and empower you to fulfill that role. We know you’re busy so we are going to make it easy. All you need to do is fully participate in class (regardless of what your child is doing). In this way you will learn the songs and activities and become the role model for your child. Then continue this at home. It’s that simple.

But wait, it gets even better! Studies have proven that the more emotionally stimulating the environment, the more children learn & retain what they learn. So what does this mean to you? When YOU are enthusiastic and having fun, your child learns more. So sing out, dance and have a good time in class & at home!