School Programs


Social Play and Social Routines (Level 1)

Group lessons will be individualized to target social play and/or daily social routines including: greetings, maintaining appropriate body space, turn taking, and using gestures and language appropriately. A variety of music and arts based activities will be used to enhance programming.

Social Skills (Level 2)

Prescriptively designed and individually tailored for students who continue to struggle with skills needed for successful social interactions or those students who need to work on higher level social skills. Activities utilizing music, movement, art, and role-plays may be included to target and develop skills.

We’re in the Band (Level 3)

Prescriptively designed music ensembles for students who still need practice with higher level social skills necessary for successful and meaningful peer interactions including: group-decision making, complimenting, and compromising. Music based activities will build each week to promote skills necessary to build a music ensemble unique to your group!

Drumming Up Character

This multi-disciplinary curriculum utilizes ensemble drumming, dancing, and character raps and songs to build character education. Interventions are designed to fulfill state and national educational standards for learning and also include activities that promote development of creative thinking skills, critical thinking skills and problem solving.



Music based literacy curriculum courses tailored to support and enhance the development and mastery of pre-reading skills including (but not limited to): letter recognition, sound discrimination, rhyming, vocabulary, and comprehension. Enhancing books with activities such as songs, chants, movement, props and instruments will engage even the earliest readers and help children develop a love for reading.

We can work with your grade level to support your specific curriculum needs!



Our music based curriculum supports the precursors for handwriting including a variety of activities that aid in the development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and directional concepts needed for writing readiness. A variety of multi-sensory activities utilizing music and movement will be used to increase your students success with their writing skills.



Music and Math

Our music-based curriculum supports the basic math concepts: counting, shapes, colors, 1:1 correspondence, comparing, categories and time.

Money, Money, Money

Our music based curriculum supports the math concepts regarding money including (but not limited to): coin and bill identification and their values.



Interactive group play introducing the basic concepts of music while providing exploration and exposure to different sounds, instruments, music, and movement.

We can work with your grade level to support thematic and academic content in these lessons!



Our dance-based class focuses on locomotor and gross motor skills, as well as relaxation and centering of the mind & body. Students learn techniques of deep breathing and tension release, which ultimately increases their body awareness, ability to self monitor and ability to self regulate their body.